Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Begining

It began with a trip to the local Target store and an unplanned stroll to the toy section. There, I found something that grabbed my attention and would irk me for days.

What I saw was a shelf full of Tomy's NoHoHon figures - little bobble-heads that were powered by the sun. Yes, the sun. They are solar-powered bobble heads that 'wobble' continously as long as there was light. There stood before me was a whole shelf of 'wobbling' Nohohons swaying their heads in an endless manner.

The visual imagery of a dozen Nohohon wobbling in unison was somehow stuck in my head. It was so intriguing /disturbing that I decided to do a little research on them and tried to find out more about them.

What I found was that they were, like all things cool, from Japan (or at least the concept was from Japan). They are little creatures that supposedly help you cope with stress and bring laughter in your life. Click here to see what Akadot has to say.

Being a fan of many things Japanese, I decided to pick up a Nohohon and put in my office. I was so happy with my Nohohon that I decided to buy another one... and another one... and another one.

As I learned more about them, I saw something peculiar on the web. On, I saw pictures of Nohohon in placed different areas of the house and even posed with pets. Although, I could not read the Japanese text on the site, the pictures gave me an idea that would inspire this site. So as it stands, I decided to take my Nohohon to different places and document their journey through photos. Thus, this site was born.

Green Guy having lunch!


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you got yours at? I am looking at getting one for a friend and another one for myslef and no place here seems to have them anymore.

At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous---- This is too cool! It has helped me plan our families trip to Pensacola! Better than the roaming nome!

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is the exact one i had, but someone stole it from me. Are they still sold in store, and if so where? I would love to buy another car is really lonly with out him on my dashboard

if anyone knows where i could buy one please email me at

At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Genie Miller said...

awww no new photo since 2006. :( I really like the idea though. Why did you stop??


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